Yoga Offerings

Restorative Yoga Afternoon Retreat
Monthly on Sunday Afternoons

Upcoming Sessions:
Sunday 21st January 2-4pm @ SoHo Yoga, Newmarket
Sunday 18th January 2-4pm @ SoHo Yoga, Newmarket

Restorative Yoga is a powerful practice to deeply rest and restore the mind and body. Classical yoga postures are practiced completely supported  by blankets and bolsters. This delightful 2-hour session is a positive antidote to high levels of stress and fatigue and will leave you feeling well-rested and rejuvenated for the week ahead.
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Private Therapeutic Yoga Session
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Kirsty’s private one-to-one Yoga sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home, making them a wonderful option for students with low energy and/or mobility or a busy lifestyle. The major benefit of having your own private Yoga sessions is that the practice is fully tailored to your individual needs, the way Yoga was traditionally taught. Yoga is for everybody but every body is different.  Private sessions offer the personalised instruction necessary to develop a greater understanding of Yoga and its many benefits for you including stress reduction, optimising your health, fine tuning your practice and deepening your connection with your breath and body. Kirsty will work with you to create a practice that best serves you. These sessions are especially useful for those seeking specific support for issues such as:
+ stress and/or anxiety
+ fatigue
+ Women’s health issues including irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, endometriosis, infertility
+ difficulty sleeping

Gentle Yoga for Women
Weekly classes in Brisbane
Please check back soon for new term dates.

Our lives can be a whirlwind of external activities, but how often do we take time to pause and pay attention to what is happening within our own inner landscape?

This beautiful 75-minute class has been created to support you during the unique phases of your monthly cycle and life cycle. Each class combines very gentle and nourishing feminine yoga practices, healing breath work, sound, heart-based meditation and relaxation to honour the biomechanics and beauty of the female body.

All women of all ages are warmly welcomed and no prior experience of yoga is required.

Before attending your first Gentle Yoga for Women class, please complete this enrolment form and return to with your preferred start date.

Pregnancy Yoga
Weekly classes in Brisbane
Please check back soon for new term dates.

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is a time of profound change in a woman’s life. These beautifully supportive and nourishing classes give you all the tools that you need to support you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

In these nurturing classes you will be guided to connect with your breath and body, allowing you to create the perfect environment for your baby. Through the practice of gentle postures, you will learn to build stability and find more comfort through the physical changes of your pregnancy. You’ll gain a greater sense of calmness, increased vitality and overall sense of wellbeing.
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Mindfulness-Based Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Module

with Kirsty Innes & Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia)

23rd – 25th February, 2018
Sunshine Coast, Australia

This comprehensive Teacher Training module offers study and practice of:
* Physiology of relaxation & the autonomic nervous system
* Pranayama for restorative yoga
* Relaxation skills /tools
* Key restorative poses & their therapeutic applications & contraindications
* Mindfulness-based teaching methods
* Sequencing & transitions
* Skilful touch & adjustments
… and much more.

More details to come…