Workshops + Events

Restorative Yoga Afternoon Retreat 

Held monthly at SoHo Yoga, Newmarket

Restorative Yoga is a powerful practice to deeply rest and restore the mind and body. Classical yoga postures are practiced completely supported  by blankets and bolsters. This delightful 2-hour session is a positive antidote to high levels of stress and fatigue and will leave you feeling well-rested and rejuvenated for the week ahead.
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Befriending the Body, Befriending the Self – A Yoga Intensive with Donna Farhi

27th – 31st October, 2017
Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast

What does it mean to be in friendship with our selves?  What would it feel like to welcome all of our experience with the same acceptance and kindness we would offer a good friend?  This intensive is an opportunity to develop a more compassionate and nourishing approach to your practice of Yoga.  By cultivating a quality of perception that is “without an ideal” we learn to accurately gauge our physical, mental and emotional state as well as the practices that may bring us back into balance.
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Honouring the Cycle: Menstrual Health & Empowerment Workshop
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Increased wellbeing and empowerment can be ours when we commit to knowing, valuing and respecting our unique menstrual cycle. When we tap into the intelligence of our cycle, we can use this knowledge to heal symptoms and experience a new feeling of power and possibility.

This 3-hour workshop combines theory and practice, to offer fresh perspectives, new understandings and an appreciation of the healing power of Yoga as therapy to support healthy menstruation and relationship with ourselves.
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